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April 28, 2008
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OkamiInugami by Gottschalk OkamiInugami by Gottschalk
I do NOT encourage download. It is gigantic.

My OKAMI contest entry.

As I could perceive, there are several techniques in Okami’s concept illustration, some more detailed (inked in thinner lines) than other (rough lines in sumi-e style)

Notwithstanding the original being a tight pencil shaded draft, I tried to convert it into brush with watery sumi-e tones to make it look more credible, which ended up involving much hand painted splodges. It was all eerie because I was working hard in blurring an intricate design for a change- I believe I succeeded in the effect (it ended up looking much simpler than it should, however)

I decided on a more original approach. While highly influenced by OKAMI, I put it to use together with some of my previous designs, which some of you may recognize.
I didn’t mean to depict an alternative Amaterasu, but maybe more of an inugami from Japanese folklore (although it would be fine considering it as a mischievous form of Amaterasu) Maybe as a shadow foe of her ? I intended to make a couple of scraps explaining the design but lacking in time ive only expressed two fast doodles- [link] - it has 6 tuffs of “fur” like Amaterasu’s “wings”, only they are more like buds of fangs, which are projected to attack. Above it, there is a floating lasso supported by two ghosts (I suppose it would relate to another of its attacks)
I never played Okami. But I would love to : |

Got the composition idea from one of the original Okami works, a picture of a boar balancing on a ball, which only reminded me of an early, original composition featuring Amaterasu and other characters running around the logo. A tad humorous.
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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Absolutely Awesome
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This blows me away.
It's fantastic!
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FU%$^6 amazing now this is wat i call Ookami<3
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This is amazing beyond words...
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I love it! The details are so intricate and you know I'm a sucker for high contrast.
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this mgiht be a bit late, but this is amazing!
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I love ookami

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